Plastic Recycled Beach Art

All my products are made by using plastic items washed up or left behind on the beach. I wash and bleach all items, I do not alter the condition of the items by sanding them etc… I do, however, paint them. I hope you enjoy! All the items below can be purchased from:

IMG_3615The  frame above was hand-painted with a mermaid and sunken ship. I then used a broken plastic pink cup I found on the beach for the Mermaid’s tail.


Jewelry trinket box, I used and refurbished an old pair of plastic sunglasses washed up on the beach.


This frame I made using a Tropicana lid and a broken shovel handle I found in the sand.


This “Message in a Bottle” frame was made using a old plastic bottle (found in Ventura), shells and a cork. SOLD


For this jewelry box I hand painted the leopard and zebra prints, added the found plastic sunglasses and painted them in leopard! This is one of my favorite boxes with the added exotic butterfly.


The hero frame I made above was in honor of my husbands grandfather (pictures behind the frame) I was inspired by a tiny plastic solder found on Ventura Beach.


The frame above is great for a children’s room. I had several pieces of plastics and decided to decorate this frame with a hodgepodge and paint them all the same color. It’s fun to look close and try to figure out what they are!


IMG_3823The “message in a bottle”  jewelry box above was hand painted with an ocean scene and then I added a small shampoo bottle I found on the beach. I then added the crab and shells for the perfect touch.

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